Rosenthal Acura - They sold me a car with a bad battery.

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Recently purchased a used Honda Pilot there.Car was in great shape and I got a pretty good deal on the price.

All the sales people bragged about how great their customer service was and how Maryland inspection standards are some of the highest in the country. However, three days after my purchase, my car wouldn't start due to a dead battery. I had to jump start it and it was hard to start for the next couple of days afterwards. I went to two different places to load test the battery to verify that it was a bad battery.

I made multiple phone calls to the dealership and sent my salesman a copy of the load test print out. They wanted me to come in to their dealership to which I answered that it was inconvenient for me to do so since I live about 40 miles away. I asked if I could go to another Rosenthal dealership, one that was closer to my home. They (Acura) would not agree but I went anyway.

I had a third load test done and faxed the results and the estimate of replacement to Rosenthal Acura and asked if they could cover the cost of replacement at the dealership that was closer to my home. Apparently I was asking too much as I was told they were not able to do that. In the end, I paid for the new battery myself. The Rosenthal Honda dealership, which is much closer to my home, was quite sympathetic about my plight and treated me much better than those folks at the Acura dealership in Gaithersburg.

I think their self-proclaimed customer service accolades are a bunch of baloney.

I did not feel as if they valued my time nor my purchase.Never going to recommend them to anyone,

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You had a bad battery!Big deal .

Just because you bought a used car you think they owe you a battery.

Get real and stop moaning and complaining.You got it replaced and got on with your life.

:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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normally I would agree with your sentiment. But allow me to fill out the rest of the picture for you.

1) Don't be fooled by the "used car" label. I spent over $25K on this "used car".

2) Vehicle supposedly met Maryland vehicle inspection requirements. They certainly bragged about before, during and after the sale.

3) Car came with a 2 month or 2K miles warranty.

So, wadda you think now???

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